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selfie an award-winning artist, renowned for building the temple of artemis at ephesus and lying about herself in biographies, kaylee deplume takes art more seriously than you would think. born to a family of aspiring doctors, she took to art as rebellion, but quickly developed a passion that would outlive her adolescent defiance. after escaping art school with a respectable amount of student debt, she soon learned that the exchange rate between us dollars and bird paintings was less favorable than she had hoped.

never one to be pigeonholed, kaylee deplume enjoys working in a wide range of mediums, from oil paints to palindromes. her paintings have been exhibited alongside the esteemed company of impressionist masters such as monet and renoir. it was the proudest three and a half minutes of her career, until museum guards noticed and ejected her from the premises. damn philistines. you can still find her work at the occasional gallery show, but it would look much better in your house. (this is the only line in this bio that isn't a joke. please buy her paintings.)